Free music training
with Meludia
and myMED-EL

Build your listening skills at your own pace with Meludia. It’s a fun and playful music training tool ideal for hearing implant users of all levels. And you can use it for free with myMED-EL.

A music training program used by hearing implant users

Tailored music training

Specially curated by hearing experts

Set your own pace

Online and flexible learning

For all hearing implant users

Ideal for all ages and implant types

your hearing
through music

Enjoying music is a goal of so many hearing implant users, and with Meludia, we want to help you achieve that. After all, music training does more than deepen your enjoyment of music itself. It can also help improve your listening attention, understanding of speech and verbal memory.

  • Deepen your enjoyment of music
  • Increase your listening attention
  • Improve your understanding of speech

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Get the most out of music with MED-EL & meludia

Sign up to meludia with your myMED-EL account and enjoy 12 months of unlimited access for free.


meludia provides comprehensive, independent, and long-term music training at your own pace. It is accessible to all hearing implant users, regardless of age, indication, or musical background. However, exercises have been curated with a special focus on cochlear implant users. This engaging music training improves your music perception and music enjoyment.

We suggest regular use of at least 4 times per week for 10-15 minutes each time.

Yes! meludia is for everyone from music newbies to accomplished musicians. And it works whether you’re starting out on your hearing implant journey, or have had your implant for years. You can set your own goals and make progress at your own pace.

myMED-EL is an online portal from leading hearing implant manufacturer MED-EL. It lets you access all of MED-EL’s digital services with one account. With a myMED-EL account, you can also enjoy 12 months of meludia for free.

You can sign up for a myMED-EL account here.