Meludia - Learn music with Meludia: 600 interactive listening exercises

Music literacy is a basic and necessary human right,
no different than the right to being able to speak,
to read and to write

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Play by ear every type of music

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Enjoy playing with others

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Maximize confidence and creativity

Meludia is THE essential music learning web app

The Founders

Vincent Chaintrier

Vincent Chaintrier

French composer, orchestrator, pianist and renowned pedagogue. He has coached over 3,000 musicians for more than 25 years while developing and perfecting the Meludia Method™. He is the Vice President of Meludia

"The fundamentals of hearing and listening are the key to awakening creativity.
The Meludia Method™ facilitates the acquisition of these fundamentals.
It is based on a holistic approach to listening.”

Vincent Chaintrier

Bastien Sannac

Composer, pianist, singer and IT engineer, he was a student of Vincent Chaintrier. Amazed by the progress that he made, he set out to create an online application based on Vincent Chaintrier's Meludia Method™ and accessible to all. He is the Chairman and CEO of Meludia.

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