Music is already within you

Follow the Meludia path,
a new perspective
to understand music
through your emotions

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Change your relationship to music

Deepen your listening pleasure, play an instrument with greater ease and awaken your creativity.

Change your relationship to music

Exercises to teach yourself how to listen

All areas of music are covered in an entertaining and step-by-step fashion.

Exercises to teach yourself how to listen

A method shown
to be successful

A teaching method researched and developed with the help of 3000 musicians of all levels and styles

Change your relationship to music
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They can't believe their ears !

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"I've overcome musical shortcomings I didn't know I even had"

Experienced musician
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"My interest in music was rekindled and I even took up the cello again."

Musician in the making
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"It is a thorough job which really boosts the progress of my students."

Music teacher

Every ear is different - You'll be surprised by the effect Meludia has on how you experience music.

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Music is already inside you

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